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89,342 Sq. km = 34,492 Sq.Miles

[Land 88,802 Sq.Km (99.4%) & Water 540 Sq.Km (0.6%)]



A mix of Mediterranean and Arid desert climate

Max Temp: 40 °C [Peak summer]

Min Temp: -2 °C [Extreme winter]



[2020 estimates, Department of Statistics, Jordan] 

Languages (with %age of speakers, if available)

Arabic [Official] & English widely spoken.

Religions (with %age, if available)

Sunni Muslim [92%];

Christians [6 %- mainly Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Syrian orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenia Orthodox and Protestant]

Others [2% including Shia Muslim and Druze]


Exchange rate with US$ & INR

1 US $ = JD 0.71

1 JD = Indian Rs.105.28  [for the month of January 2022]

Political Structure


Constitutional Monarchy with representative government. The Cabinet is responsible before the elected House of Deputies which, along with the House of Notables (Senate), constitutes the legislative branch of the government. The judicial branch is an independent one.

Bicameral National Assembly: 1.Majlis al-’Umma / The Senate : 65 members appointed by the King; 2.The Chamber of Deputies /Lower House /The House of Representatives /Majlis al-Nuwaab 130 seats (Reservation: Christians- 9, Circassian and Chechen minorities- 3, and Women- 15). Elections for the 19th Parliament held on 10.11.2020. 

Head of the State

His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein

Head of the Government

Prime Minister Dr. Bisher Al-Khasawneh [since October 12, 2020]




The Kingdom’s economy is amongst the smallest in the Middle East, with limited supplies of water, oil and other natural resources underlying the government's heavy reliance on foreign assistance. Jordan currently imports more than 90 % of its energy needs. Since King Abdullah ascended the throne in February 1999, Jordan has taken several measures, including opening up of the trade regime, privatization of state-owned companies and elimination of some fuel subsidies, to encourage foreign investment and to develop an outward-oriented, market-based, globally competitive economy. In May, 2015, the Kingdom launched 10-year blueprint for economic and social development titled “Jordan 2025 Vision and National Strategy”. Recently, Jordan reached an agreement with the IMF over the Extended Fund Facility. Covid-19 repercussions, drying up of foreign aids/grants, waves of refugee influx etc have impacted the economic conditions adversely.

GDP at market price

US$ 43.7 bn in 2020 [Source: World Bank]

GDP per capita (PPP)

US$ 9816 [2020] [Source: World Bank]

GDP Growth Rate

GDP growth in 2021 is estimated to be around 2.2%

[Source: World Bank]

Total Trade



US$ 25.2 bn

US$ 17.25 bn

US$ 7.95 bn [Source: Jordan Department of Statistics for 2020]

Bilateral Trade

Imports from India

Exports to India

US$ 1.696 bn [2020-21]

US$ 630.89 mn [2020-21]

Main items of imports are electrical machinery, cereals, frozen meat, organic and inorganic chemicals, animal fodders, engineering and automotive parts etc

US$ 1065.53 mn [2020-21]

Main items of exports are fertilizers, phosphates, phosphoric acid etc.


Indian Origin/ Permanent Resident


Total: Approximately 90 [as per PIOs/OCIs certificate issued by the Embassy]

Indian Expatriates (composition and any pertinent information that may be of interest)

Total:Around 16,500 Indian immigrants

95 % of Indian expatriates are working in textile, garment, and construction sectors while the rest are working in education, nursing sectors and in various international organisations

Indian Organizations

Banks : NIL



Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co Ltd is in Joint Venture worth US $ 860 million with the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company in fertilizer sector(JIFCO


Govt. Organizations : Embassy of India, No.24, Al-Hidhab Street, Abdoun, Amman.


Others: Over 15 garment companies, owned by NRIs, with cumulative investment of US$300 million are located in the Qualified Industrial Zones [QIZs]. All finished products are exported outside Jordan under the Jordan-USA FTA.


Address: No.24, Al-Hidhab Street, (corner of Abu Bakr Al Banani Street), Abdoun, Amman, Jordan.
Postal Box 2168, Amman 11181, Jordan.
Working hours: 09:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs from Sunday to Thursday
Telephone Numbers: (00 962 6) 4622098/4637262
Fax : (00 962 6) 4611916
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